Join Today!

Being a member of this organization will enable you to create a college experience that will allow you to build relationships with individuals that are in the social work field, thus, expanding your network that will serve you well in the years to come. Additionally, this membership will provide a platform to jump-start your career by creating social work experience through advocacy, fundraising, volunteer work, and leadership roles.

You can find our Membership form under the about tab and in the resources and forms section. We look forward to seeing you at upcoming meetings and helping you become a top-notch professional 

Why Join? 

I get it! We all have little time left after school work and internships. However, it is beneficial to you (and your career) to join an organization such as the Student Social Work Organization. 

Advantages of being an SSWO Member

  • Professional Development

  • Leadership Development

  • Access to Valuable Resources

  • Advocacy Opportunities

  • Establish and Maintain collaborative relationships with local agencies and organizations. 

  • Access to Volunteer Opportunities to Further Social Welfare and Social Justice Initiatives

  • Opportunity to Promote the Integrity of the Profession

Networking Opportunities

You can make lasting ties with other professionals in your trade having common interests or similar concerns. The relationships are mostly rich, and an ongoing source of ideas and inspiration.

Professional Development

Being a part of the organization will strengthen leadership and time management skills that will appeal to future employers. 


Employers love to hire people with a wide variety of work related experience. Being a part of this organization will allow you to practice project management, event planning, and fundraising, all of which look great on a resume. 


Serving the community as a positive change agent is at the heart of social work. The benefits are endless.