Monday, 8/26

Ross Hall 

Fourth Floor

Student lounge


Monday, 9/9/19

Ross Hall 

Fourth Floor

Student Lounge


Monday, 9/23/19

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Monday, 10/7

Ross Hall 

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Monday, 10/21

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Monday, 11/4

Ross Hall 

Fourth Floor

Student lounge

  • This was the first meeting of the semester. 

  • The meeting began with Elizabeth Fowler and Kelly Moore introducing themselves as the faculty advisors for SSWO.

  • We went around the room and did introductions including name and status in the program.

  • President, Jackie Fowler, then began by letting everyone know this was an informational meeting. She explained how to join SSWO, what membership fees were and what they included, and the perks of joining this organization. She also explained that meetings will be held biweekly, every other Monday, at noon in the student lounge on Ross fourth floor. 

  • SSWO will be providing food once a month at their meetings. 

  • SSWO will be hosting at least one event a month beginning with the "Party in the Park" picnic that took place the day before. 

  • Jackie ensured members that a calendar would be made as soon as possible. 

  • The floor was then opened for suggestions on what students and members would like to see for the upcoming year. 

  • Student and Professor Highlight will begin next month. Students and faculty can nominate a student and professor that they feel is going above and beyond. 

  • Future meetings can be streamed on Facebook live. You must be a member of SSWO to join that FB page. 

  • If you have any questions, concerns, or need more information please email Vice President Allie Cheek at

  • Jackie Fowler, President, announces that a mentorship program will begin this month. BSW and first year MSW students can sign up to be mentored and second year MSW students can sign up to be mentors. If you weren't able to sign up at the meeting and are interested please email VP Allie Cheek

  • Membership dues are $20 and that covers the entire 2019-2020 academic year. Dues can be paid in cash or through venmo. See any board member to join SSWO. 

  • If you are unable to pay the $20 membership fee please let treasurer Courtney Marsden know ( Scholarships are available. We don't want to exclude anyone due to financial constraints.

  • Jackie introduces our guest speaker, Dr. Catherine Crisp who is the MSW coordinator as well as a trained mindful self compassion teacher. 

  • Before beginning her mindfulness and meditation workshop Dr. Crisp announced that a new advising list would be released to students soon. Minimal changes should be made but please check that email when it comes to ensure you know who your advisor is.

  • She also reported that a student social work calendar should be available soon. It will come in the form of a google calendar. 

  • Finally, she stated that scholarships for membership fees can also be made available to those in need that are interested in joining Phi Alpha and the Association of Black Social Workers. 

  • Dr. Crisp then led a workshop on mindfulness, self compassion, and meditation. That workshop was live streamed to our private FB group and can be accessed once you become a member of SSWO.

  • Vice President, Allie Cheek led meeting 

  • SSWO is hosting a sock/winter clothes drive from October - December. Socks need to be new but clothes can be gently used. Please bring all donations to the student lounge on the fourth floor. Donations will be given to The Van.

  • Allie asked members to pay dues as well as reminded everyone that an anonymous scholarship for dues is available. If you are unable to pay dues or it will cause hardship but still want to be a part of SSWO please email Kelly Moore at 

  • There will be a guest speaker and food at our next meeting on 10/7.

  • Little Rock Pride Fest is Saturday, October 19. SSWO will have a booth and is looking for volunteers! If you are interested please email VP Allie Cheek at

  • SSWO will also be present at the National Eating Disorders Association Walk held November 16th. Please check back in closer to time for more details

  • Mentors and mentees were paired up last week. If you signed up to be mentored and your mentor has yet to reach out to you please let Jackie know. If you still want to be mentored or be a mentor please email Jackie at

  • We will likely be designing a long sleeve t-shirt soon! If you have any ideas or designs please email Allie at

  • SSWO member Laura Fox will be collecting used mascara wands for Wands for Wildlife. Please bring used but cleaned wands to the student lounge.

  • If you have any ideas or hear of any events you think SSWO should be a part of please email Jackie Fowler at

  • The meeting began with a greeting from President Jackie Fowler. She then invited Dr. Catherine Crisp to make a quick announcement before the guest speaker was introduced.

  • Dr. Crisp wanted to remind everyone that the microwave, fridge, and coffee pot in the student lounge are luxuries that students originally didn't have access to. She asked that everyone do their part to keep them clean or they would be taken away.

  • Jackie then introduced Dr. Laura Danforth who is a professor in the UALR social work department among many other roles. She was asked to come speak to SSWO about her experience talking before the Arkansas State Board of Education. 

  • She spoke before that board about the many injustices it was doing to LRSD and it's students by holding that school district under state control rather than local control.

  • A video of her brief speech was played and then Dr. Danforth spent the remainder of the meeting talking about that experience, what is currently taking place in the Little Rock School District, and how we as social workers can get involved. 

  • She urged everyone who was interested to get involved NOW. She stated "don't wait until your comfortable, because that time will never come."

  • Unfortunately due to technical difficulties we were unable to live stream this meeting. However Dr. Danforth is more than willing to talk to anyone who is interested in learning more. She can be reached by email at

  • Courtney Marsden, Treasurer, led the meeting 

  • She talked about SSWO's presence at Little Rock's Pride Fest 10/19. Volunteers were thanked and she described what the event was like 

  • SSWO had a board at pride where anyone could leave a message of love or support anonymously. That board was brought back to UALR and is posted in the student lounge if anyone wants to see it

  • SSWO's sock drive is still taking place! Please bring new socks and gently worn jackets and outwear to the student lounge! There is no box but you can give it to any member or leave a note with it and we will make sure to get it. All donations will go to The Van.

  • Courtney briefly touched on SSWO's November event which is being a part of the National Eating Disorder Association Walk on November 16th. It will be at North Shore River Walk Park from 10-12. SSWO is looking for volunteers! If you're interested please email Jackie Fowler at

  • Shoutout to Tameka for the awesome first newsletter! She is gathering information for the second edition. If you have nominations for student or faculty spotlight or an interesting social work related current event you would like to see please email Tameka at

  • Shirts are on sale for $10! All short sleeves are on sale and anyone can buy one. Encourage your friends, classmates, and field supervisors to buy one! 

  • SSWO is designing a long sleeve shirt and will hopefully have them ready before Fall break!  

  • President Jackie Fowler let attendees know that there wasn't really anything on the agenda. She asked if anyone had questions or concerns 

  • She reminded everyone that the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA) Walk was coming up on 11/16. She encouraged those interested to sign up as individual walkers and we would meet up at the event. 

  • She also reminded everyone that our sock and coat drive is still taking place. Any donations can be dropped off in the Ross fourth floor lounge or with an SSWO board member. 

  • Finally, she announced that our long sleeve shirt design will be pushed back until the spring semester. We will have them designed and ready to order when we come back for classes Spring 2020.